In the depths of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, in the middle of a lush nature, a magnificent landscape stands the picturesque village of Amskroud 30 km north-east of Agadir, a village striking for its original character and its natural beauty. Birthplace of the Arganams cooperative, a women’s cooperative producing and marketing 100% natural organic argan oil and its derivatives.

Berber Amazigh population, The inhabitants of this region are just like the beauty of the place, they acclimatize for centuries and know how to take full advantage of the gifts offered by this beautiful nature.

Since 1998 this area has the status: Biosphere reserve granted by UNESCO to protect the Argan tree, threatened by desertification; it has also been the subject of a Protected Geographical Indication, published in Official Bulletin No. 5805 of 18 January 2010.