Since its creation, the cooperative has set standards and rules that allow it to provide its customers with products of irreproachable quality.

Quality of Members

The members constituting the cooperative were recruited according to their proven know-how, their skills and their seriousness. Work together for the good of everyone.

Quality of the raw material

Before using the Affiache, fruit of the argan tree, it is subject to permanent control. No raw material is accepted for production if it has been eaten by animals.

Hygiene rules

Full respect of the rules and hygiene standards established by the cooperative. This is manifested as well by the selection of a clean and healthy raw material as by the use of tools ensuring a perfect hygiene.

Respect the environment

By protecting the argan tree The argana n’omskroud cooperative is fully involved in protecting the ecosystem. Taking care of existing trees and planting new ones, contribute to the maintenance of the species and the improvement of the quality of its fruits.

Fair trade

The argana n’omskroud cooperative undertakes to respect the rules of fair trade. The winnings are distributed equitably to the different members of the cooperative.


Nos produits sont certifiés essentiellement par ECOCERT, organisme Français de contrôle et de certification, pionnier dans le domaine de l’agriculture biologique.