HR Policy

The development of human capital is one of our priorities in our management of human resources. Agana n’omskroud has set up career management and skills development systems to help each member to flourish and enrich her career.

Internal Promotion And Training

Rich and multiple courses

The wealth of our business and our organization means that our members have a wide range of career development paths.

Training adapted to our profession

Our members benefit from an internal training institute: Institute of Commerce and Distribution.

The training includes devices and themes for continuous improvement and is complemented by personalized coaching and team building activities.

Social Policy

Several benefits, widely appreciated and valued by our members are made available. These benefits are an integral part of the compensation and are designed to motivate our members.

  • Generalized retirement for all categories of members
  • Generalized health insurance
  • Improvement of housing credit
  • Different social benefits: back to school, religious holidays,
  • medico-social campaigns,
  • Become a reseller or distributor

Primarily intended for distributors and small resellers. One of the conditions : the amount of the order shouldn’t be less than 200 Euros, plus the shipping costs. For orders exceeding one thousand Euros, the total amount is required.