Environmental Protection

Reduction of the impacts of the sack

Since the organization of COP22, Marrakech 2016, all packaging used in our cooperative is reusable and degradable. These packaging are certified for food use, and are manufactured in accordance with the standards and regulations governing the manufacture and marketing of packaging in Morocco.

Waste management

the Argana n’omskroud cooperative has identified several points for improving the management and treatment of its waste, including:

Pulps and food waste are used in animal feed,

Paper, cardboard and plastics are compacted and recycled,



The cooperative argana n’omskroud organizes every year social actions with the association argana n’omskroud through, the collection of foodstuffs, clothing, books of schooling and money to help children of the common


In coordination with other Cooperatives and Economic Interest Groupings (GIE), the argana n’omskroud cooperative encourages the marketing and promotion of local products (such as saffron, honey, argan oil, and other derivatives …).

The grouping of all these products is done in one place which is the www.arganams.net.


Agana n’omskroud facilitated access to its shelves to cooperatives and artisans to

through the referencing of dozens of regional cooperatives and artisans throughout the kingdom, and periodically dedicates store entries to the promotion of local crafts.

Agana n’omskroud, in collaboration with the local authorities, helps the craftsmen to organize their activities so that they will be able to meet the quality requirements of the product, its packaging and also the logistics.

Promotion of the Moroccan Berber Woman

The members, known for their ancestral know-how, their skills and their seriousness, are active at every stage of the production cycle, from picking to final product development. This activity provides women members with an income enabling them to make a clear improvement in their living conditions. By their actions they participate effectively in the protection of the argan tree threatened by desertification.


The cooperative organizes receptions three to four times a year for the benefit of customers and prospects. On the menu, local folklores, visit of the cooperative and the region, presentation of products, relaxing day. The representatives of the companies are taken care of as soon as they arrive at the airport of Agadir.