The Arganams cooperative is exclusively female, its main field of action is the production and marketing of 100% natural organic argan oil and its derivatives.

The Arganams cooperative also offers its customers a range of certified organic natural products from the South-West region of Morocco: Prickly pear oil, black cumin oil, sweet fines oil, natural clay, natural black soap, pure honey biological.



As a socio-economic player in the agadir zone, Arganams is a major operator in the argan distribution sectors at national and international level.

Through the diversity of its brands, Arganams is committed to improving the comfort of its customers with very competitive prices.

In our cooperative:

  • A welcome and quality customer service.
  • Modern Souk and by the quality of trade
  • Discount by price and promotions

Customer Sense, Commitment, Sharing, and Respect, these are the shared values ​​that strengthen the sense of belonging and give meaning and purpose to the presence and action of each member of our cooperative.


Arganams cooperative is committed to deliver the best product and service throughout the customer relationship

Accessibility and Home

The value of accessibility by its location near the city of Agadir, the benefit of the port of Agadir and Almassira airport; the opening of the store 7/7 from 9am to 8pm and the quality of the welcome it offers to all its customers.

Best choice

Arganams has a very wide range covering all the worlds of organic and natural products (facial, skin, hair, exfoliation, organic food, …) and provides its customers with advice of use and conservation natural.

Best price

Arganams offers the best value for money, with continuous promotions, while committing to prices.


the purchase is made in a spirit of tranquility, with guaranteed products and a clear commitment on after-sales services ….

Socio-ecological role

The members, known for their ancestral know-how, their skills and their seriousness, are active at every stage of the production cycle, from picking the argan olives to the final oil product. This activity provides women members with an income enabling them to make a clear improvement in their living conditions. By their actions they participate effectively in the protection of the argan tree threatened by desertification.