“10 years in the retail sector, Argan oil is not the only product that Moroccans grow and use in cooking, many other products derived.”Fatima E. Manager

About The

Argana N'Omskroud Cooperative

Argan oil has been used in western Morocco for centuries, this use has been limited to this region alone; in recent years, the product began to be used throughout the Moroccan territory and abroad.

In the face of growing interest in organic argan oil and its derivatives, various organizations and structures began to emerge. It is in this context that the cooperative Arganams (or Argan n’amskroud) was born in 2010 in the picturesque village of Amskroud 20 km from the tourist city of Agadir on the national road to Marrakech.

The cooperative currently has more than 160 Berber women members and it is a member of a large group of cooperatives with more than 800 women members.

These products are marketed both in Morocco and internationally.